Places Of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad - Sarkhej Roza

Almost at the border of the city of Ahmedabad, Sarkhej is well known for its Roza. It is on the banks of a lake with its extraordinarily beautiful architecture and sculpture. It is closely connected with the history of Ahmedabad too and this makes it... more

Ahmedabad - A city Full of History

Amdavad! Or, Ahmedabad! A city named after its founder Ahmed Shah! It is an imp0l1ant city ofIndia. It is chosen to be set up at the cross roads of not only the routes from North to South or Saurashtra, but also of nearly all the... more

Ahmedabad - A new look

This city does not live merely on the lost memories of the past glory and a historical museum. If its history is full of glory, so is its present. It is a constantly changing and lively city. That is why it never can be classed... more

Ahmedabad - House Of Mangaldas

Sheth Mangaldas Parekh is well known in Gujarat as one to make great contribution for developing the high profile of Gujarat culture and industry. His contribution towards making Ahmedabad into the Manchester of India is unquestioned. His IndoEuropean style of residential home has now acquired... more

Ahmedabad A in Heritage Walk

small and big 'pol's. The distinguishing feature is that each 'pol' or we may call it a lane, has a large entrance with a huge wooden gate. On the gates a small room is kept for the Gatekeeper. The houses have gates with beautiful carvings... more

Ahmedabad in Muhammad Begda

After Qutubuddin his step brother Muhammad ascended the throne. During his long and powerful reign, the city of Ahmedabad, along with Gujarat enjoyed the Golden Period of its existence. He added to and beautified the city even further. Due to political reasons Muhammad made Champaner... more

Ahmedabad in Sidi Sayyed ni Jali

After Delhi Sultanate ended the Mughal rule replaced it. The Mughals sent governors or 'Subas' to rule over provinces. At this time the most powerful Sidi noble Juhar Khan's intimate friend Sidi Sayyed constructed a Masjid and the stone lace carvings here have become famous... more


In order to introduce the dignified past of the city, the Municipal Corporation has undertaken a new Heritage Project. It aims to preserve and protect the artistic historical and heritage buildings of the 'Pol's. Under this Project a 'Heritage Walk' is also organized in which... more

Buildings of Qutubuddin in Ahmedabad

The city continued to expand during the Muslim rule and several beautiful buildigs continued to be added. Muhammad Begda who built the fort around the city actually also extended the original city laid by Ahmed Shah. The fort was given 12 Gates or Darwazas, and... more

Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad

As we enter the Tran Darwaza, to the right is the huge Jama Masjid. This mosque, built in 1423 AD, is considered one of the biggest mosques ofIndia. From the artistic and architectural point of view also it is an imposing structure. At one time... more

Lothal - Pre- Historical Place

Among the world's 4 most ancient cultures, India's Indus Valley or Harappa culture is most noteworthy. In India the only remains discovered are at Lothal and in Kutch at Dholavira. Both these sites are in Gujarat and are on world map too. Lothal (Saragvala) is one... more

Lothal - Utelia Palace

About 78 km on the Ahmedabad Bhavnagar highway, as we take a turn on a country road, we come to Utelia, a small village. As we drive on, however, we can see a grand building slowly coming into view. The structure has Indian- Mughal style... more

Nal Sarovar

Nal Sarovar is the internationally known Wetland of Gujarat. It is situated within the Surendranagar and Ahmedabad districts. It spreads over the area of 115 sq. m. and is 62 km away from Ahmedabad. There are good roads from Viramgam for 30 km or so... more

Navaratri Festival - Heartbeat of Gujarat

What can be termed as the real celebration by the people, the festival of Navaratri continues for 9 long nights. Beginning from the first day of the month of Aso up to 9th day the festival continues. This festival is dedicated to Mata Amba and... more

Sabarmati Riverfront Plan

Since last 5 - 10 years, Ahmedabad has expanded beyond imagination. It is expanding in all directions. Grand buildings, multiplex theaters, vast shopping malls and shopping complexes, entertainment parks, modem clubs, spiritual centers and Yoga centers have begun to crowd the city. Another invaluable addition... more

Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway- The Expanding City

One can believe that a man has his destiny, good, bad or middling. But can there be destiny of roads, and buildings also? Believe it or not, from scientific viewpoint may be this broad road is a lifeless thing. However, here we see a lot... more


In the rural local languge what is known as 'tarnetar' is in Sanskrit 'Trinetra' or the Third Eye of Lord Shiva. The palce may look deserted of other thues, but a Fair is held here every year and people from Gujarat and other parts of... more

Uttarayan or Patangotsava

Uttarayan is also known as Makar Sankranti. The entire state is crazy about this festival. They celebrate it for days and call them as Uttarayan and 'Vasi' Uttarayan! This festival is synonymous with the International Festival of Kites, or Patangotsava. Every year on 14th and... more

Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi is one of India's biggest places of pilgrimage. Not just thousands, millions of people visit it through out the year. On the SarkhejGandhinagar Highway a replica of the Vaishno Devi temple is created. A large number of people climb up a number of steps... more

Vibrant Gujarat - Festivals And Fairs - 'Sharadotsava'

This festival is also called 'Rasotsava'. It is celebrated in the Small Rann of Kutch district. Its time usually is in February, the night of the full moon. The houses are similar to the ones made from mud, the usual habitat of Rann, and these... more

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