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Picking baby names is one of the toughest decisions. A name is so important, Mean, it can affect a poor kid all through adulthood. It can affect self esteem, it can also be a first impression from others.

You probably don't want baby names that are so unique that when your child grows up and introduces theirself to others, all they hear is "what did you say your name was again?" On the other side, you don't want the name that is too trendy that in first grade your child has to go by their first name and their last initial. And you also want to be able to find their name on those cheesy license plates at the souvenir shops right? mmm... maybe that's still up in the air.

To make your task easier we have compiled a huge list of Indian baby names along with their meanings. These Indian baby names have been selected keeping in mind all the main regions of India. We have also classified baby names as per the major religions of India, such as Hindu baby names, Muslim baby names, Christian baby names, Sikh baby names. These baby names have been arranged in the alphabetical order for convenience.

Tips From DesiGujju Before Choosing Baby Name.

  1. Always choose names which are easy to pronounce and make sure it sounds good with your last name.
  2. Give your baby name with a special meaning.
  3. Consider your other children's names.
  4. Try to avoid common names.
  5. Take suggestions from friends and relatives.

Remember, this is only the first of many tough decisions you'll make in the life of your child. Why not start it off right. GOOD LUCK!

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