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Sabarmati Riverfront Plan Sabarmati Riverfront Plan
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Since last 5 - 10 years, Ahmedabad has expanded beyond imagination. It is expanding in all directions. Grand buildings, multiplex theaters, vast shopping malls and shopping complexes, entertainment parks, modem clubs, spiritual centers and Yoga centers have begun to crowd the city. Another invaluable addition to this trend is the Plan called S~barma!i ELverlr_on!Project.

Ahmedabad has always been a city eager for change. Now it is to be given the status of a Mega City, and this would speed up its growth even more. Sabarmati that had remained dry for the last several decades due to bad rains, and as the waters for River Narmada are now added, it will flow in full capacity in the coming years. A wonderlul plan is undertaken at this stage to set up the two parallel sides of the river's vast basin. By 2010 AD it is believed that the Riverfront Plan will make it one of the most charming places of the city

In Phase- I of the Plan, the straight basin from Subhash Bridge to Vasna Barrage, this 9 km long area would have a restraining wall and the nearly 400 acre land would be filled up. This strip would be then provided with gardens along with a six-lane road. There is a plan for bus services too. Besides the gardens, amusement parks, boating, turning restaurant, multiplex theater, a theater for dramas, and a separate provision for cultural programs are also on the anvil. Also, a commercial center with bank, a theater and shopping malls would also be added. Walkways and jogging parks also would be added at several places

The Plan reserves the strip between Nehru Bridge and Gandhi Bridge solely for commercial centers. In case of floods during the construction of the Plan, care would be taken to stem the caving in of the mud, and for this a 30 ft. deep returning wall is to be constructed. Then it would be decorated with a walkway and another structure of. 5 to 10ft. that would allow a base for construction of garden or commercia] center. A Vier will be constructed so that water can flow round the year into the river

Besides all this the River Front Project has also included Water Sports. This will become the first ever river where in coming year of 2010 AD water sports will begin at Vasna. Here also 'Gujri Bazars' or weekly markets would be organized at the eastern bank near Gandhi Brigde and at the western bank near Usmanpura


At Kankaria near the Ambubhai Purani Vyayam Shala a plan is
made to set up a modern Indoor Stadium of international standard.
It would be constructed within 15,096 sq. m. land and will have
international level facilities. It would seat 6612 persons at a time. It
would be totally air-conditioned, It will be equipped with a
Multipurpose Hall, a Skating rink, changing rooms, Gymnasium,
e-Library, Aerobic Exhibition Space, Basket Ball court, Podium
etc. The special feature would be that it will have transparent walls
around it, but this would not affect the cool temperature within.

1. Cultural Institutions: Drama Theater, Cultural Center, Open air Theater, etc. would be given out to private people for such activities on rent.
2. Boating and Water Sports: The area between Sardar Bridge to Nehru Bridge there would be open for water sportslike swimming, water polo and boat races.
3. Expansion of B.J. Park or City Park: The BJ. Park will be converted into a Garden space.
4. Floating Restaurant: By inviting tenders, the permission for a floating restaurant between Nehru Bridge and Gandhi Bridge will be granted.
5. Four-lane road with angular car parking and footpath for' pedestrians: From Vasna down to Subhash Bridge, 9 km long road would be constructed on both sides. A Metro Rail is planned to run under this road.
6. Walking Space: In the 42.80 hectare land on both sides there would be 7 gardens and walkways, besides jogging park facilities.
7. Commercial Offices and Shops: Both the sides between Nehru Bridge to Gandhi Bridge would be sold for commercial purposes.
8. Expansion of Gandhi Ashram and making of Gardens: To be able to cross into the river from Gandhi Ashram, without hindrance a special 'ghat' would be constructed.
9. Gujri Bazars: On Gandhi Bridge and Ellis Bridge Gujrai Bazars after the roadside markets of the model inThailand would be made where all kinds of items, foods, and even the items found in shopping plazas can be available.
10. Heritage Park: On the eastern bank, the strip of land from Nehru Bridge to Gandhi Bridge will be developed as Heritage Park. Items of historical interest would be on display here, besides paintings giving an overview of the city's development.


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