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Credit Repair Lawyers Bankruptcy lawyers are ready and available to help you with your credit repair needs. No matter what negative items are on your credit report: bankruptcy, charge-offs, late payments, judgments, or any other derogatory information, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the legal right to challenge and remove items that are inaccurate, erroneous, misleading or outdated. A LawInfo Lead Counsel qualified bankruptcy lawyer can advise you of your legal rights and provide information on legal ways you can have negative items removed from your credit report. Some may also be able to help you challenge derogatory information. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer for more information. Tags : Credit Repair Attorney, Credit Repair Lawyer, Credit Repair If you are short on time or if you feel that an attorney would better represent your interests, you can hire an attorney to dispute negative items on your credit report. Some firms specifically specialize in disputing negative credit items. Because they know the laws, they are effectively able to dispute negative items and have them removed from you credit report. Contact a LawInfo Lead Counsel bankruptcy lawyer for more information. What is credit insurance? Credit insurance comes in several different forms: credit life insurance - the outstanding balance is paid in the event of your death. credit accident and health insurance - monthly credit payments are made for you during periods when you are unable to work due to accident or illness. Credit unemployment insurance - monthly credit payments are made for you during periods when you are unemployed. Your acceptance or rejection of credit insurance normally is not used as a factor by the creditor in deciding whether to extend credit to you. If credit insurance is required by the lender, the premium charged for the insurance must be included in the disclosure of the APR. Whether to purchase credit insurance is a personal decision - consider other available forms of insurance (such as term life insurance or disability insurance) and the cost of such insurance before buying credit insurance. Financing means borrowing money by taking out a loan to buy something. If you want your business to grow, you'll probably need to find larger amounts of financing than what's available through personal savings, loans, family members, and credit card advances. Common methods of business financing include bank financing through term loans, lines of credit, or revolving credit loans. Other methods of financing include securities offerings and venture capital. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method.
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