Ahmedabad - Sarkhej Roza

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  Ahmedabad - 17 KM
Ahmedabad - Sarkhej Roza Ahmedabad - Sarkhej Roza
Ahmedabad - Sarkhej Roza Ahmedabad - Sarkhej Roza
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Almost at the border of the city of Ahmedabad, Sarkhej is well known for its Roza. It is on the banks of a lake with its extraordinarily beautiful architecture and sculpture. It is closely connected with the history of Ahmedabad too and this makes it irresistible for al1 travelers to the city for paying at least one visit there, be they from within India or without. As it is a Dargah of a Muslim saint, it is a sacred place for the Muslims too. Saint Sheikh Ahmed Khattu Ganjbaksh had become widely known for the great wisdom, purity and scholarship that he brought to achieve new religious heights in his long life of III years. In the year of his death, i.e. 1146 AD the Sultan of Gujarat began to build his Roza and it was completed in . 1451 AD.

The main Roza of the Saint Ahmed Khattu Ganjbakhsh is in the center of the area. It is very big, the biggest among the Rozas of Gujarat, spreading to 35 sq. m. area. Nearby are the rozas of King Muhammad 'Begda' and his queen. The main roza has beautiful carvings on its wal1s and the tomb. The 'jali's carved in the marble within the vast chamber of the tomb allow circulation of air freely and controls the light beautiful1y. It creates such designs along with the angles of sunrays at different stages of a day that the pure white floors are full of beautiful impressions made by the light and shadow plays. There are rozas of Sultans other than Begda also within the premises. The huge tomb of Muhammad Begda reflects his giant personality and symbolizes his many acts of bravery. The saintly ruler Muzaffar Shah's tomb is supplementary to the tomb of the main Saint. The road from here leads to Gandhinagar, the political capital of Gujarat. Let us visit it before we enter the colorful city of Ahmedabad.


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