Lothal - Utelia Palace

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  Ahmedabad - 30 KM
Lothal - Utelia Palace Lothal - Utelia Palace
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About 78 km on the Ahmedabad Bhavnagar highway, as we take a turn on a country road, we come to Utelia, a small village. As we drive on, however, we can see a grand building slowly coming into view. The structure has Indian- Mughal style of architecture. Its domes remind us of the Islamic era, while the intricate carvings of the entrance doors, atiistic pillars, grand balconies and the huge entrance with an arch add to the grandeur of the building. The delicately curved and marble paved footpath and steps lead you into a bright main hall.

An artistic conidor leading you to a carved door opens into furnished 14 double-bed rooms for the tourists. It has facilities like bathrooms with hot and cold water, showers, etc. that are at par with any 5 star hotel of a metro city. Within the room a canopied bed awaits you bringing to the mind the royal lifestyle of yore. Not only the bed, but also the other furniture is decorated with carvings, colorful glass pieces and stones that are fascinating in their artistic expression.

The most attractive aspect is yet to come: each room has its own private balcony or 'Zharokha'. From here the beautiful scene of the river Bhogavo can be enjoyed, and one feels as if the balcony is right in the middle of the stream! Your view can encompass the opposite bank of the river, the variety of cranes that visit it and many other birds like egrets and kingfisher moving about too. Arrangements can be made for a safari on Kathi Horse and feel really close to Nature. You can also enjoy a trip on a bullock cart when the bullocks are decorated for your pleasure. The bird lovers also can L reach Nal Sarovar and undertake boating too.

Those who are also interested in ancient history have a prize awaiting them here at a distance of hardly 7 km at Lothal Mound. This Indus Valley site, dating to a culture of 2400 to 1600 BC provides a miniview of the civilization, its town planning, trade and commerce, and technical advancement as well. After the exhausting outing as you return to the hospitality of Utelia Palace, the pleasant fishermen of Padhar community and the Bharvad villagers would be ready to entertain you with their folk music and soothing folk songs. As they present their items, you may enjoy a royal fare at the well laid out table and feel like royalty!


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