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Ahmedabad - House Of Mangaldas Ahmedabad - House Of Mangaldas
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Sheth Mangaldas Parekh is well known in Gujarat as one to make great contribution for developing the high profile of Gujarat culture and industry. His contribution towards making Ahmedabad into the Manchester of India is unquestioned. His IndoEuropean style of residential home has now acquired a Heritage Hotel status. Right in the heart of the city and opposite to the Sidi Sayyed ni Jali, we can experience its grandeur as soon as we enter its compound. Most modem facilities are available in its large 10 rooms. To live in a pleasing and relaxed atmosphere, and still maintaining the older style of furniture and lordly treatment in its services, is indeed an experience one must have. The Tarahello tops of the carved Mahogany tables and carved stuffed chairs, a swing with the beautiful pieces of pan'ots and peacocks on its four brass-strings, Italian glass and the floors with beautiful arrangement of ceramic tiles, the serpentine ladder, the chandeliers of the rooms and other pieces of furniture arranged for utility as well as beauty really delight the visitor as it call~ to the mind how luxuriously a wealthy Gujarati tycoon used to live in those days.

The special attraction here is also 'Agashye', the telTace Dining Hall. It depic~s a typical Gujarati atmosphere. The 'Green House' on the grounds is a restaurant with a large variety of dishes to choose from. As its name suggests, you can enjoy the breakfast or a snack sitting under the trees, though artificial, well alTanged. In the lounge here the western dishes also are available. The Conference Hall and Banquet Lounge are real boon to the corporate world of Ahmedabad today. The additional attractions include a vast Reading Club and a Movie Club


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