Ahmedabad in Muhammad Begda

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Ahmedabad in Muhammad Begda
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After Qutubuddin his step brother Muhammad ascended the throne. During his long and powerful reign, the city of Ahmedabad, along with Gujarat enjoyed the Golden Period of its existence. He added to and beautified the city even further. Due to political reasons Muhammad made Champaner near Pavagadh an alternative capital and this led to the development of that city also

For spending his resting time Muhammad built his own palace at the lake that he got constructed in Sarkhej. He also constructed his own tomb here to lay him to rest after death. Two of his queens, Rani Rupmati and Rani Sipri built beautiful mosques here and are special samples of artistic construction. His noble Amir Jalaluddin built a beautiful mosque at Ghee Kanta. Many other palaces and mosques build during his reign survive today in Ahmedabad.


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