Navaratri Festival - Heartbeat of Gujarat

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Navaratri Festival - Heartbeat of Gujarat Navaratri Festival - Heartbeat of Gujarat
Navaratri Festival - Heartbeat of Gujarat
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What can be termed as the real celebration by the people, the festival of Navaratri continues for 9 long nights. Beginning from the first day of the month of Aso up to 9th day the festival continues. This festival is dedicated to Mata Amba and other symbols of Shakti. It is a unique and wonderful festival of Gujarat

The women celebrate this festival with deep faith in Shakti in the forms of Amba, Bahuchara, Kalika and many other goddesses they worship. All women, educated or illiterate, house maker or career women, participate with enthusiasm in this festival. Worshipping the goddess with the usual rites and often fasting during the day, at night the scene changes totally. The women as well as men come out of their homes and begin to enjoy dancing the 'garba' or 'ras' in the public square

Ordinarily the garba and ras are folk dances associated with the worship of Ambaji, the Mother Goddess. But in reality this is a legend, the fact is that it is a unique contribution of the folk culture of Gujarat. The main form and youth exuded by this folk art is developed in Saurashtra and Kutch regions. The garbi, 'ras' and 'rasda' are so close to the soil of Saurashtra that at once it reflects its youthful rhythm. It is a great experience to witness the garba of Mer and Ahir communities. Their dance steps are so vigor our that the very ground vibrates with their performance. The Garba begins by invoking the Mother Goddess. But its heart is with Lord Krishna. The love of Krishna and Radha, and the Gopis, their meetings, Krishna asking for toll, his other pranks, the praises and rebukes they exchange, and the pain of separation, etc. are some of the feelings voiced in the themes of the garbas. This lasts for 9 nights before Dashera

Since some years now the Gujarat Government has celebrated Navaratri Festival on an international scale throughout the state. It is celebrated with much pomp and show in cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara and some cities of Saurashtra and some of the rural areas too. The Garbas of Vadodara are huge in formations and quite unique for their steps of the dance


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