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In order to introduce the dignified past of the city, the Municipal Corporation has undertaken a new Heritage Project. It aims to preserve and protect the artistic historical and heritage buildings of the 'Pol's. Under this Project a 'Heritage Walk' is also organized in which the visitor walks down the old lanes and personally witnesses these important points of Ahmedabad. At 8 a.m. this Walk begins from

Swaminarayan temple at Kalupur and begins with a 'Slide Show' there to introduce the city to the eager visitors visually. This Walking Tour then begins and under the information provided by the accompanymg Guide, ends at Jumma Masjid, at around 10 or 10.30 a.m. One thing is certain. In your heart you would always carry the impression of this tour. The artistic homes in the 'Pol's, Chabutaras, Chowks, the small and big temples and Derasars - all leave an indelible impression even when you have walked only the distance of 1.5 km that day. You will have to discard all mythical ImpreSSIOns you may have carried with you about the city, the 'pol's and the life of those areas. The delightful city life that breathes here is now carried back in your heart now.

Ahmedabad has 360

KARNAVATI: A Peep into the Past

In the Museum at Sanskar Kendra, exemplary presentation is made of the city's history, geography and its unique qualities. The Rathyatra of Jagannathji, Balramji and Subhadraji, the procession in which the images of these deities are caITied is put up here in miniature. A replica of the Mehrab of Jumma Masjid is also found here. The museum has a collection of royal palanquins and various 'pagdi' or traditional headgears of distinguished persons and people.

It houses the documents in Urdu related to the city of Ahmedabad. It has handwritten manuscripts of such revered Gujarati literary luminaries as Umashankar Joshi, Sundaram, Pandit Sukhlalaji, Dalpatram. The works of the famed painters from Ahmedabad, Ravishankar Raval, Kanubhai Desai, Somalal Shah, Rasiklal Parikh etc. are also put up in its gallery

At one time, the maze of the Pols gave this city an identity. We find its references here. Its layout specialized in zigzagging narrow lanes, rows of houses, their crossroads or 'chowks', and wooden carvings. There are more than 360 'Pol's in Ahmedabad. There was another time when Mills made the identity of Ahmedabad. Even today the tall fingers of chimneys of the mills point at the skies, as if trying to touch it. The memory of cotton industry here is preserved in some block prints, looms, spinning wheels and so on. Besides, the Museum also displays artistic images and statues of 10th century, minted coins, eaves and balconies, pillars, 'Chabutaras' and many other typical items of Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

An inscription at the Museum says: "Karnavati: A Look into the Past" is not mer~ly a collection of things of rare and artistic items; it is a shelter for the city's culture, identity, unique qualities and dignity too. This Museum displays the city's archeology and History, Culture and religious traditions, art and works, literature and architecture, personal and institutional achievements etc. in an aesthetic manner."


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