Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway- The Expanding City

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  Ahmedabad - 17 KM
Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway- The Expanding City Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway- The Expanding City
Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway- The Expanding City
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One can believe that a man has his destiny, good, bad or middling. But can there be destiny of roads, and buildings also? Believe it or not, from scientific viewpoint may be this broad road is a lifeless thing. However, here we see a lot of coming and going. Liveliness, some noise too ... and what's more a reflection of throbbing heart of the city today. With passage in time roads also have their own history to tell- some have no activity on them, they lie nearly in vacuum. Some roads on the other hand, develop a new personality, new and modem buildings come up on it, with show rooms etc. Unbelievable crowds roam on it nearly all the time. At such times we want to believe that there is something like destiny for roads too.

At one time the road from Gandhi Ashram to Vasna was considered modem, the Ashram road. But it did not develop into a glorious road. On 12th March 1930 Mahatma Gandhi went from Ashram, and never returned. He could not return even after the Independence and if he had, probably this road may have had a different destiny!

And just look at this e.G. Road a little away.! Since about a decade and a half the road has undergone such great changes! Dazzling buildings and shops greet the onlooker day and night here. One after the other the buildings seem to compete with each other, want to outdo each other in grandeur, wealth display and most attractive wares. It also has grand restaurants and hotels, garment showrooms, kidswear, women's and men's wear, drapery and jewelers abound, music rooms and electronics. Imposing offices and consultations - with beautiful parking for cars and footpaths for walkers. This also has helped the development of the road. While talking of destiny, this road is named after Chimanlal Girdhardas, the brother of Mangaldas Girdhardas after whom the Town Hall of the city is named. The destiny has made his name come on the popular tongue often even after his death as 'CG' Road.

Competing with this road is now the Sarkhej- Gsndhinagar Highway. However, it is no longer a State Highway for it is now officially included within the Municipal limits of the city by the Corporation recently. Basically considered as an area outside the limits of the city, now it has turned so much integral part of it that it had turned unrecognizable. Years ago the traffic on this road was of goods carriages, trucks and intercity passenger ST busses. The pri vate cars were seen few and far between ... and now, today, it is being nearly choked with car traffic

From the Karnavati Club if we travel towards Gandhinagar, long 10 km road comes with us as a relative from the city. One cannot make out any more where the city limits actually were crossed

Everything on SG Road is Big and Modem. At night it appears like a city of some foreign country. The flowing traffic lights make the concrete and glass buildings glow. Besides, the fiery lights shining from the clubs, religious centers, hotels and other buildings increase in its glorious appearance

On this Highway there are rich and huge clubs like Karnavati Club and Rajpath Club. Several types of functions are held on their vast lawns. They have movie shows in the open area, facilities like indoor and outdoor sports, swimming pools restaurants, air - conditioned halls for weddings and other gatherings, libraries, coaching for young ones, and many others. To get their membership one has to pay in lakhs, Club life begins when the day comes to an end and on Sundays and Holidays people flock in great numbers to such clubs

Multiplexes like the Fun Republic and Wide Angle, luxurious offices like that of Zydus Cadilla, educational centers like the Nirma Institute and Hiramani School, Gujarat High Court complex, spiritual centers like the Sola Bhagvat Vidyapith, Swaminarayan Gurukul, ISKON temple, Vaishnodevi, and Gurudwara, besides the recently built cti;mation ground all generate this constartt coming and going on this road


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