Places Of Gandhinagar

Adalaj Ni - Vav

Nearing·Gandhinagar now, we come across this extraordinary beautiful structure of a step-well at Adalaj village. Its historical architecture, its carved pillars and niches present it as the best example of the skill of Gujarat artists. In these structures again the utility is made to join hands... more

Akshardham - The Grand Swaminarayan Temple

Not only form Gujarat, but also from all over the world, the travelers flock to see this grand temple at Gandhinagar. Built on a large 23 acre plot this temple complex has its construction made from beautiful pink stone of Rajasthan. It is 109 ft.... more

Amarnath Dham - High-tech Religious Exhibition

Near Gandhinagar, on the road to Mahudi, we come across this Divya Amar Nath Dham. It is placed at the bank of River Sabarmati near Swapna Shristi Water Park and is easily accessible. The 'white ashes' are brought here from the Jammu and Kashmir State's... more

Gandhinagar - Capital of Gujarat

Gandhiji does not belong merely to Gujarat or India; he belongs to the entire humanity. However, since he hailed from Gujarat, the state is understandably proud of him. Is there any objection to call one's own as one's own, ever? Indeed not. Gujarat has joined... more

Mahudi - The Main Seat of Shri Ghantakarnavir

Near Vijapur and about 80 km away from Ahmedabad is situated the place of pilgrimage of Mahudi. It is believed to be 2000 years old. In V.S. 1974 and V.S. 1980 the present temple was erected and the Image of Ghantakama Mahavir installed in it... more

Trimandir - an Inspiration Of Dada Bhagvan

On our way to Gandhinagar, we come across an unusual temple complex called Trimandir, inspired by the honorable saint of Gujarat, Akram Vignani Param Pujya Shri Dada Bhagvan. This spiritual center is on the Mehsana-Gandhinagar Highway. It is about 18 km from Ahmedabad and 8... more

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