Mahudi - The Main Seat of Shri Ghantakarnavir

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  Ahmedabad - 67 KM
Mahudi - The Main Seat of Shri Ghantakarnavir Mahudi - The Main Seat of Shri Ghantakarnavir
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Near Vijapur and about 80 km away from Ahmedabad is situated the place of pilgrimage of Mahudi. It is believed to be 2000 years old. In V.S. 1974 and V.S. 1980 the present temple was erected and the Image of Ghantakama Mahavir installed in it respectively. This is considered a place of miracles and it is said that the devotees can actually hope to get their wishes fulfilled. The reverence in which Shri Ghantakamaji and Mata Padmavati are held is indeed very deep

Among the 52 Virs, Ghantakama Mahavir is one. At Mahudi, a seat of Ghantakarna Mahavir is made as the Chief of Padmaprabhu. He is a benefactor of his devotees and legends of his many miracles circulate even today. In His earlier birth, He was a King and spent His life protecting Satis, Sadhus and devotees from the demon-like evil men. He used to love a sweet preparation called 'sukhdi"

In Jain temples, besides the chief Tirhankar, there are special places dedicated to Yaksha and Yakshinis. The goddess is placed in the niche at the foot of the Tirthankar while in the niches in the walls of Maandapa we find Yakshas and Yakshinis in a variety of poses. Some even with weapons, and installed with their own Mantras. The Jains believe that Mantras have Samammohan or hypnotizing power. The power of the Mantras brings the god there and renders the help the devotee needed. That is why the Jain householders consume the 'sukhdi' prepared at the temple.

Tradition is to prepare as well as consume 'prasad' of 'sukhdi; within the temple complex of Ghantakarna Mahavir. This is a simple yet absolutely adorable sweet preparation and has to be completely consumed when on the premises. If you have offered more than you can consume, you have to distribute it to the others, and the poor who are visiting. But, you cannot take this 'prasad' for someone at home, and it is said that anyone trying to take the 'sukhadi' out of the premises is never successful. Another ancient temple at Mahudi is of Katyarkji, the god of the community of Khadayata Vaniks. The old temple was at the edge of the river, but now it has been shifted in a larger temple nearby. The image of the God has also been brought over in it. Two beautifully sculpted images also are brought over. The sculpture of a mother with a child making mischief on her shoulders is remarkable.

Shri Ghantakarna

This god is regarded as the 30th of the 52 Virs. In his early life he used to hold a bow, an arrow and a sword, and his image is also given these weapons. As this deity is considered a soul of the Kshatriya kings, this image is with a bow and arrow in his hands.


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