Akshardham - The Grand Swaminarayan Temple

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Akshardham - The Grand Swaminarayan Temple Akshardham - The Grand Swaminarayan Temple
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Not only form Gujarat, but also from all over the world, the travelers flock to see this grand temple at Gandhinagar. Built on a large 23 acre plot this temple complex has its construction made from beautiful pink stone of Rajasthan. It is 109 ft. tall, 240 ft. long and 121 ft. wide.

Built in an artistic tradition~ this temple has an image of Lord Swaminarayan that is taller than 7 ft. Next to this image are the images of his close associates Gunatitanand Swami and Gopalanand Swami. In the exhibition area underground, the story of the penances of Swaminarayan and the miracles he experienced and then performed, are all depicted in life size status and shown beautifully. Besides, scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharat and Upanishad also are depicted by sculpture and paintings. There are statues of such saint poets as Narsinh Mehta, Mirabai, Premanand etc. too.

An event that occurred at Gadhada village 175 years ago is brought to life here, Swaminarayn Bhagvan is sitting in the center and on one side his disciples and sadhus are also seated. First Brahmanand Swami, then Premandand and then Muktanand Swami sing their bhajans as they play musical instruments. Later the village people present their questions to the Bhagvan and get answers that satisfy and guide them. This entire scene is made to look real with help of state of the art audio-visual technology and is made out as a very beautiful and memorable experience with the good looking lifelike statues that make the scene realistic


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