Gandhinagar - Capital of Gujarat

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Gandhinagar - Capital of Gujarat Gandhinagar - Capital of Gujarat
Gandhinagar - Capital of Gujarat Gandhinagar - Capital of Gujarat
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Gandhiji does not belong merely to Gujarat or India; he belongs to the entire humanity. However, since he hailed from Gujarat, the state is understandably proud of him. Is there any objection to call one's own as one's own, ever? Indeed not. Gujarat has joined the name of Gandhiji with several types of places and activities to commemorate him. Nearly all cities have his image and a main road named after him. The Ellis Bridge station of Ahmedabad was renamed as Gandhigram station. An entirely new city that developed near Kandla became Gandhidham. But the greatest place where his name was joined is Gandhinagar, the new capital of Gujarat State.

This entire city is created from a scratch. A systematic town-planning scheme was designed for it first. The needs of an administrative center of a prosperous state were kept in mind, and governmental buildings, roads, facilities, as well as beauty and dignity it must elicit from the public - all such points were considered. The city was developed in stages and is still growing. It is aimed to be a vast, grand, imposing, dignified, modern, and full of beauty and facilities of all kinds for residents and visitors. The planners gave deep thought to the possible future needs of such a capital city and made its layout to meet those needs.

In 1960 Maharashtra and Gujarat became two separate states from the erstwhile Bombay State of the Indian Union. Ahmedabad was at the time made into a temporary capital of the new state. However, it was a city that had been growing since ages and was already with considerably large urban population. Instead of adding to it a new burden of becoming a political and administrative center of the state, it was decided that keeping it near enough, a new and entirely modem city must be constructed to suit the young state's needs. The roads, buildings, secretariats, residences, legislature, Governor House, and so many new needs were to be taken care of. Therefore a totally new city was a dire necessity too. This city.was named GANDHINAGAR. In 1964-65 the foundation for this city was laid and its layout was similar to the city of Chandigadh built by La Corbusier in modem times in North India. There are 30 Sectors in this city. Grand buildings of Sachivalaya, Vidhan sabha, and other governmental departments were built and still additions are also coming up. The building of the State Legislature, i.e. Vidhan Sabha, has the latest style of architecture and yet is in keeping with the environment and communicative, artistic and grand.

As it was a specially thought out planning, it has very systematic divisions. The roads are really broad. The govt. buildings are so arranged as to have smooth cooperation and easy contacts. It is also ensured that the buildings do not get crowded. The water supply, and electric supply centers are also so arranged that there is no pollution due to their constant use. Every year trees are planted in the city and the roads are lined with them making it absolutely a 'Green City' in reality. This city has stolen the honor of having the largest number of trees year after year. More than 160 crores have been spent for the all round development of this city. There are several beautiful gardens; schools and temples are also constructed here. In the Gandhinagar district we find such attractions as Sarita Udyan, Balodyan, Town Hall, Vidhan Sabha, Sachivalaya, Akshardham, Fun World, Old Fort and Deer Park at Indroda, and the Adalj ni Vav built in 1499 AD. The ancient step-well at Va1ad, Matri Mata temple, Jabali Rishi ni Gufa, and other temples are worth visiting. In Vasania Mahadev temple (Vaijnath) there are 11 Shivlingas and 13 shikhat'as. At Motera we find the Gayatri Upasana Khand and the Ashram of Asharam Bapu. In Koba on the banks of Sabarmati are old Shiva temples of Koteshvar and also at Kumbhesvar. At Rupal, the temple of Vardayini Mata is famous for its Palli during Navaratri festival.


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