Places Of Bhuj


The main center of Kutch is Bhuj city .. From 1650 VS this has remained the capitalof Kutch. The legend associates it with 'Bhujang' or the Great Serpent. Bhuj is situatedat the foot of the mountain named Bhujio Dungar, where the Great Serpent Bhujangis residing.... more

Jesal - Toral

The story of Jesal and Toral is worth knowing, for it is full of romance, folk wisdom and inspiring. It is mid-14th century. Jesal was a very strong and powerful man who was a decoit. He used to rob and kill people and harras them... more


The port of Kandla in Kutch is becoming one of the most significant ports of modem India. It is a Free Port and is vibrating with the comings and goings of huge ships from all over the world. Gandhidham and Adipur are cities... more

Mata No Madh - Ma Ashapura

From Bhuj, the capital of erstwhile state of Kutch, about 80 km to the north is the temple of Ma Ashapura at Mata no Madh. It has become a live symbol of faith of people of Kutch in the last 600 years. In 14th century two... more

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