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Jesal - Toral Jesal - Toral
Jesal - Toral Jesal - Toral
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The story of Jesal and Toral is worth knowing, for it is full of romance, folk wisdom and inspiring. It is mid-14th century. Jesal was a very strong and powerful man who was a decoit. He used to rob and kill people and harras them no end.

Once he was attracted by the mare of high pedigree, 'Tori' of one Bhagat named Sansatiyaji, a well-known person of the Kathi caste. Also he looked forward to snatch away Sansatiyaji's wife, Toral, who was extremely beautiful. So, one night. ..

That night was of 'jaag' at Sansatiya household. It is a celebration of festival when the devotees observe fast for the day and sing devotional songs. When everybody was busy in the group singing ofbhajans, Jesal stealthily entered the stable of Sansatiya Darbar. Even in the dark, the mare made out the stranger's entry, and she pulled at her peg, pulled it off the ground and ran to her master. The groom of Bhagat calmed her down after a while and brought her back to her place in the stable. Here he began to strike the peg into the ground once more, and unfortunately this was a spot where Jesal had hid himself in the
haystack, and his hand was on the very spot!! However, fearing that he would look a coward if he cried in pain, Jesal kept quiet as the peg went home. He suffered the terrible pain without even a small gasp or a little crying out, and continued lying there.

The worship was now over and everyone partook of the 'prasad'. To everyone's surprise, unlike on all other occasions when the offerings were always over when the last man took the 'prasad', this time a little of it was still left over! For whom was this? Everyone began to speculate. Soon they heard the groans of the uncomfortable mare from the stable again. Sansatiyaji began to investigate. As he reached the stable he saw the situation, and was stunned by the great tolerance of pain that Jesal had shown. He removed the peg from his hand. Toral came and nursed the injury and offered hospitality to Jesal. But, Jesal had not let go of his ambitions even now. In the early morning he expressed his desire to take away Tora and Toral with him. All were shocked at this bold demand. But Sansatiyaji was a true saint. He put up a condition: Jesal must turn on the path of devotion, and only then his desires would be fulfilled. Egged on by his own desire, Jesal agreed for it, just to own such beauties. The grand old man kept his promise.

So, now Jesal took the mare and the wife of Sansatiyaji with him.

As you travel from Kathiawad to Kutch, you have to cross the creek on the way. Jesal and Toral had now seated themselves in a boat for this purpose. On the way there was a great cyclone in the sea. The boat started rocking dangerously. It seemed that it would sink any moment. When Jesal saw Death staring at him in the face from all sides, his ego, his confidence went down crashing. He was truly frightened. His valor evaporated. His inner cowardice came to the fore, and fear began to eat at his heart.

Sati Toral could make this out, and in this delicate moment of Life and Death, she preached him the secrets of life. She pointed out the path of Truth and Goodness. He had a change of heart. The robber who was moved only by physical desires, and disregarded all but his own self, now turned into a follower of goodness and truth. His eyes were now open to the real meaning of life, The words of Sati Toral made him give up saber and instead pick up the 'Ektara' that accompanies the singing of devotional songs. The folk songs that lead this change of heart have remained very popular even today: "Paap taru parkash Jadeja, Dharam taro Sambhal re ... " and 'J esal kari le vichar ... ". These songs embody the folk wisdom and guide the lost soul to the true path of life in this world.


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