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Kandla Kandla
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The port of Kandla in Kutch is becoming one of the most significant ports of modem India. It is a Free Port and is vibrating with the comings and goings of huge ships from all over the world. Gandhidham and Adipur are cities developed by the efforts of the Sindhi brethren who have settled here. The desert surrounding the area has not been able to suffocate its growth. The modem development schemes have reached the far-flung borders of Rajasthan and even Pakistan. As a spoken language Kutchi has a special place among Indian tongues and it has a rich literary heritage too. Gujarat Govt. has set up a special body, Kutchi Sahitya Academy in order to nourish and protect it from extinction.

Kutch has provided many great men to Gujarat. Jagdusha, or Fateh Mamad of earlier times, Lakha Fulani or Mekran Dada are remembered with respect. In recent times the patriots like Shyamji Krishna Varma, archaeologists like Bhagvanlal Indraji, botanists like Jaykrishna Indraji also hail from Kutch. In literature the noted names are of Dulerai Karani, and among the great researchers we have people like Ramsinhji Rathod, and novelists like Jayant Khatri. The history of Kutch is full of names of great rulers, warriors, philanthropists, merchants, saints, satis and scholars in every field. In those golden pages of the past, we find lively legends of heroism, devotion, sacrifices and great beauty and skills in arts and crafts. There was a time when the Pingal and Vyakaran of Kutch were chanted in all schools and upheld by scholars.


Known as one of the grand centers of Jainism, we find as many as 72 Jinalayas or Jain temples in this town. The Shipyard of Mandvi is among the few in the whole world where ships are actually built. The windmills of its coast present a good sight from the sea. Although Kutch, slightly separated from the basic geography of Gujarat, it is a definite part and parcel of it in more ways than one. Although it has its own cul.ture and history, they are like the rich chapters of the culture and history of Gujarat. With sea on one side and desert on the other, it is jo!ned to Gujarat with a narrow strip' of land very firmly.


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