Places Of Junagadh

A Resort with Nawabi Grandeur Chorwad

At the southern border of Saurashtra is the Arabian Sea, and in this pleasant ambience is located Chorwad. Popular songs sing its praises for being so green as 'lili nagher'. It is full of greenery with its gardens of nagarvel leaves, cane fields with another... more


The forest that stretches from the base of the Girnar all the way to sea is one of the most famous forests of India. Tribhuvan Kavi has joyfully described it in his poem 'Gaje Jangal gir tana', where its rich flora and fauna, thick woods... more


If Porbandar is the city of Sudama, Junagadh is the city of Narsimh Mehta, the saint poet of Gujarat. Although Narsimh was born at Talaja near Bhavnagar, he spent his whole life at Junagadh. This is one of the most ancient places of Indian history.... more

Mount Girnar

Coming out of the Vagheswari Gate we proceed towards Gimar. Here we come to see the Ashokan Inscription. On the same stone we also get the inscription of Satrap king Rudradaman. Ashoka made this Inscription because of the presence of Sudarshan Lake that was considered... more

Somnath Prabhas Patan

There are two 'Patan's in Gujarat: orte is the north Gujarat's Anhilpur Patan that had been its capital for 500 years. The other Patan is Prabhas Patan, Somnath. Mahabharat mentions two places, Dwarka and Prabhas, and the latter is also described as place of pilglimage.... more

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