Mount Girnar

Plane :
  Keshod - 40 KM

Railway :
  Junagadh - 8 KM

Way :
  Ahmedabad - 327 KM
Mount Girnar Mount Girnar
Mount Girnar
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Coming out of the Vagheswari Gate we proceed towards Gimar. Here we come to see the Ashokan Inscription. On the same stone we also get the inscription of Satrap king Rudradaman. Ashoka made this Inscription because of the presence of Sudarshan Lake that was considered a 'tirth' or a place of pilgrimage. Every year a huge Fair also was held here. With the passage of time, the lake is now filled up.

A little ahead is Bhavnath, where the Fair is still held every year. This is specially meant for the Ahir clans. It is said that at this very place even in the time of Lord Krishna the Fair used to take place by the Ahirs. Shri Krishna and Balm'am were also Ahirs (or Yadavas). Arjun had come here in the disguise as sadhu and kidnapped Krishna's sister Subhadra.

Next comes Damodar Kund, a place also associated with the name of Krishna. As the composition of his devotional song says, Narsinh Mehta also used to visit and bathe in this 'kund' i.e. small lake. Next to it is the temple of Damodalji. To the south lie the cremation ground and to the north is a hill named after Ashvatthama. After Bhavnath begins the climb for the Mount Girnar.

Next, as we go up, we find another stop or 'tunk' named after Goddess Ambaji. The Girnari Ambaji has the same lofty place in the hearts of devotees as Arasuri Ambaji. Next comes Gorakh Nath Tunk. Girnar is a special devotional place for 'Yogis', especially of the followers of Gorakhn Nath sect. It is a place of Bhartruhari and Gopichand. Going a further a little and a little downward we again have to climb a little to reach Guru Dattatreys's Tunk. We can ring the bell of its temple to greet the God, and get a breathtaking view of the entire panorama around. There are totally seven such top stops or 'Tunks', but it is difficult to climb some of them. There is a 'Dargah', and even a Shiva temple ahead.


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