A Resort with Nawabi Grandeur Chorwad

Plane :
  Keshod - 30 KM

Railway :
  Junagadh - 60 KM

Way :
  Ahmedabad - 400 KM
A Resort with Nawabi Grandeur Chorwad A Resort with Nawabi Grandeur Chorwad
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At the southern border of Saurashtra is the Arabian Sea, and in this pleasant ambience is located Chorwad. Popular songs sing its praises for being so green as 'lili nagher'. It is full of greenery with its gardens of nagarvel leaves, cane fields with another shade of green and other orchards. Thus the original name of 'Charuvadi', now locally turned into Chorwad, is quite appropriate for a pleasing place for the eye.

In the great heat of summer other parts of Saurashtra are roasted in rising mercury but the cool sea winds make it into an ideal cool place to be in. It is known for this attraction since a long time indeed. We therefore find an old palace of the Nawab of Junagadh and other big buildings of private owners as well. The Chorwad Road station is on the Junagadh- Veravalline, and actual village is at a distance of 6 km from the station.

The Sate has developed this as a tourist place, and all facilities are provided to the visitors. In the old palace of the Nawab the modern facilities are installed. A swimming pool is available right near the sea. At one time as many as 250 persons can stay in this palace, because of the developed facilities and some changes in the old palace. In Gujarat it seems to be the biggest place of its kind.

Besides this palace, there are amall cottage type rooms also, and are located in the same vicinity. There is a lot of open space around and hence the mornings and evenings are very pleasant. There is a big dining hall and restaurent also.


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