Vankaner - The Royal Residency and Oasis Heritage Hotel

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  Ahmedabad - 210 KM
 Vankaner - The Royal Residency and Oasis Heritage Hotel  Vankaner - The Royal Residency and Oasis Heritage Hotel
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On the way from Ahmedabad to Rajkot, as we drive towards Kutch-Bhuj, within a short distance we come across the royal scene of Vankaner. An erstwhile state of Kathiawad, it just does not have a royal palace, there is a big complex of five royal palaces. Situated within the fruit orchards of nearly 13 acres of land, and on the banks of the River Machchhu : The last ruler of Vankaner Maharaja Rajshri Amarsinhji built the main mansion of Ranjit Palace. A vast Museum is also here that displays beautifully the presents and gifts besides the invaluable possessions of the royal family. The 1921 model of Rolls Royce Silver Ghost car of the ruler brings awe and wonder in the eyes of the visitors about the royal glamour of those days. The stable of original Kathiawadi lineage of horse also is very impressive. This Vankaner Palace was the first to receive the category of 'Royal Heritage Hotel' in India. There is a swimming pool for the guests besides modern facilities

The mansion built in 1882 is 'The Royal Residency'. It has 12 royal suits with modern facilities and all of these are decorated with old royal interior beauty. Each of the 12 royal suits are given individual names, such as Viceroy, The Duke of Connaught, Jeweler Jackie Cartier, Karamchand (after the father of Gandhiji), The First Governor General of India, etc. The reason is that all these gentlemen had been close friends and associates of the rulers of Vankaner. The Indoor Swimming Pool also is highly enjoyable facility. It too has 12 suits named as Jewel in the Crown etc to remind us of the past royal glory and way of life. Near this complex is a marble stoned 'vav' or step-well constructed in early 20th century.


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