Places Of Rajkot


We come to Gondal on the way to Virpur. Gondal is famous for the Swaminarayan temple. In the city are also one Bhuvaneshwari Shaktipith, a Library and Ayurvedic pharmacy and college that it runs under its management. The most notable personality of Gondal is Darbar... more

Gondal - Riverside Palace

In the 19th century, Gondal was reputed for its wide roads, excellent education, efficient electric supply and excellent communications. It was ahead. of all native states by at least 50 years. The maker of modem Gondal was Maharaja Bhagwat Singhji who introduced wide-ranging economic and... more


A small yet beautiful town is Morbi. It has two lovely bridges on the River Machchhu. It has beautiful sculptures at the two ends and the other is a hanging bridge, reminding us of the Lakshman Jhula at Rishikesh. The Mani Mandir of Morbi is... more


Now let us move on to the city around which life of Saurashtra is centered, viz. Rajkot. This is our last stop of the important cities of Saurashtra tour. This used to be a central city of political life of nati ve states earlier as... more

Vankaner - The Royal Residency and Oasis Heritage Hotel

On the way from Ahmedabad to Rajkot, as we drive towards Kutch-Bhuj, within a short distance we come across the royal scene of Vankaner. An erstwhile state of Kathiawad, it just does not have a royal palace, there is a big complex of five royal... more


At about 38 km away from Rajkot is the little town of Virpur. It has acquired fame due to it being the seat of a famous saint, named Jalm'am Bapa. Even today we can feel that the blessings of this saintly man as are present... more

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