Vibrant Gujarat - Festivals And Fairs - 'Sharadotsava'

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Vibrant Gujarat - Festivals And Fairs - 'Sharadotsava' Vibrant Gujarat - Festivals And Fairs - 'Sharadotsava'
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This festival is also called 'Rasotsava'. It is celebrated in the Small Rann of Kutch district. Its time usually is in February, the night of the full moon. The houses are similar to the ones made from mud, the usual habitat of Rann, and these are decorated with beautiful paintings and designs on the walls. The full moon night must be giving the desert a really cool and pleasant atmosphere, and we can only imagine until we visit personally. The sand glitters like gold dust in the rays of the Sun and this very sand looks like silver dust at full moon night! The artistic mud houses, or 'Bhungas' (the Kutchi style huts made of mud) add to the wonder of the atmosphere.

Thousands of tourists gather here for the festival. Among the most attractive items of entertainments are the races of bullocks and the camels. The animals are decorated for the occasion with embroidered clothes; their necks are provided with necklaces of small metallic bells and colorful frills. As they move, the noises add to the festive mood of the public.

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The people of Gujarat are crazy about festivals and fairs. The state celebrates numerous festivals: Uttarayan, Vasant Panchami, Holi - Dhuleti, Janmashtami, Ramnavami, Id, Pateti, Diwali, New Year and so on. However, among those festivals that are celebrated all over India. there are four that are celebrated only in Gujarat or by Gujaratis. In spite of
The Government of India's Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) ,'has elevated these festivals to an international festival status. These festivals are: Uttarayan, Navratri. Tarnetar Fair and Ranotsava.


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