Kashtabhanja Hanuman Salangpur

 Kashtabhanja Hanuman Salangpur
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The founder of Swaminarayan sect, Shri Swami Sahajanand used to live most of the time at Gadhada. Swami Gopalanand, appointed as the head of the sect used to travel from Vadtal to Gadhada often, and would break journey at Salangpur on his way.

The great devotee of the sect, Darbar Jiva Khachar was always in service of these ascetics. After his death, his family suffered decline in finances, and so his son, Vagha Khachar, could not serve them. Swami Gopalanand asked Vagha to bring a stone from Salangpur and drew on it the figure of Hanuman with a charcoal. Then he asked Vagha to get an image carved from that stone with the help of a sculptor. Some ordinary stone worker did the job. Then Swami took it with him to Salangpur.

In 1850 AD this image was ceremoniously installed in the land of Vagha Khachar. The main disciple of Gopalanand, Shukramuni performed the 'arti' during which the saint kept on looking straight into the eye of the image. After the fifth round of the Arti, the image began to shake a little and everyone present felt that God himself had come to live in it. Then the Swami stopped looking at the image and gifted the people that they may talk to Him directly. This helped the removal of the woes of the people and the name of the god was now Kashtabhanjan Hanuman.

This temple has 25 ft. broad Sabha Mandap or gathering hall built in marble. The image is right there. The doors are made of silver. The god is to be worshipped daily by only an unman-ied priest. Next to this is the temple of Swaminarayan and is called Akshar Purushottam Seva Sansthan. It has images of Swami Sahajanand and Swami Yajnapurushottamdasji. There is a foot - print of Swami Sahajanand too. Another is the temple of Radha and Krishna. The Hanuman temple of Salangpur is considered very sacred throughout Gujarat.


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