Places Of Bhavnagar


A city throbbing with education as well as industry, Bhavnagar is also a cultural city. It was an impOliant center for the freedom struggle activities too. Even after the Independence, the Rashtriya Mahasabha held its conference only in this city. When the plan was drawn... more

Bhavnagar - Neelambaug Palace

The royal palace of Bhavanagar, named Neelam Baug, is noted for its artistic structure. This heritage hotel has five star international standard facilities. In 1895 William Emerson built this Palace. He was also the architect of such distinguished structures as Crawford Market at Mumbai and... more


We move on to the nearby temple of Gopnath. Talaja was the birthplace of Narsimh Mehta. It also has very ancient Buddhist caves. Then we go to the seacoast nearby at Gopnath. The sea presents an attractive scenario and the renovated old Shiva temple Gopnath... more

Kashtabhanja Hanuman Salangpur

The founder of Swaminarayan sect, Shri Swami Sahajanand used to live most of the time at Gadhada. Swami Gopalanand, appointed as the head of the sect used to travel from Vadtal to Gadhada often, and would break journey at Salangpur on his way. The great devotee... more

Palitana - Vijayvilas Palace

If you wish to visit Vijayvilas palace at Palitana you may have two purposes fulfilled. You may have pleasure of enjoying a princely stay at the Vijayvilas palace and you may have a pilgrimage of the world famous Palitana temple complex. As you go to the... more

Palitana Jain Temples On The Shatrunjay Mountain Range

Palitana is the town at the base of Satrunjaya Mountain. Its ancient name is 'Padaliptapur'. It was built in the memory of Guru Padalipti, by his disciple Nagmjuna. Some Jain families, pained by the political changes in Magadh, migrated to Rajasthan and Gujarat. They have... more

The Velavadar Sanctuary For Kaliyar

About 70 km from Bhavanagar is the National Park of Velavadar. In an area of 18 a Sanctuary for a special species of deer is located. This specially designed sanctuary for the beautiful Kaliyar species of deer contains nearly 3000 of them which are... more

Tulsishyam Tourist Center With Hot Water Springs

This is a tourist center for followers of Lord Vishnu in Una sub-district of Junagadh District. Situated in the center of Gir, to 30 km from the town of Una, it is known for its great natural beauty. It has additional attraction of Hot Water... more

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