The New Surat

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The New Surat The New Surat
The New Surat
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In the last 20 years the appearance of Surat has undergone dramatic changes. The city has been developing much faster than any other in India. At one time, it was called a city of Sardars or Leaders. Lately it earned indignity during its sad phase of a 'plague epidemic'. But learning very fast from its mistakes, Surat is now considered the second most beautiful city in Gujarat. In 1970 its population was around 3 lakhs. Now the figure touches 30 lakhs or more. It has a high school that teaches in Marathi medium. There are groups that gather according to their languages such as Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya and Tamil and they run their own Primary Schools here. All the other Indian States are represented in this city

A 3 km long flyover bridge on Ring Road, another about 5 km long flyover bridge on Sumul Dairy Road and a specially designed flyover bridge in order to control the thick traffic over the Athwa Lines add to the beauty of the city.

Earlier there was only one bridge over River Tapi, but now there are Sardar Bridge at Athwa Gate, Vivekanand Bridge at Makkai Pul, a bridge connecting Katargam to National Highway, a Bridge near Magdalla that brings the Mumbai - Surat Gas Pipeline along, a bridge connecting Mota Varachha and Nana Varachha. And a bridge connecting Varial and Bed etc. are newly constructed bridges.

As a part of cultural activities, the Surat Municipal Corporation arranges a huge Book Fair every Year on a national scale. From all over the country more than 300 publishing houses participate in it. On Varachha Road a Sardar Smriti Auditorium, Television Broadcasting Unit, and offices of many mobile telephone companies are working. A big Indoor Games Stadium and a huge cricket ground indicate the love of games & sports among the people

The areas that have developed around Surat are also beautiful. Almost all the roads are of four lanes with dividers decorated with colorful flowerbeds. At a short distance from the city is a Water Park and nearby is the sea beach ofUbhrat. Textiles, diamond factories and surrounding industrial estates keep Surat a busy center of trade and commerce. Some people call Surat as Tokyo of India. And it is hoped that this is what it is turning out to be


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