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Anand is the center of agriculture and business. Besides, there are hospitals, markets and other facilities too. It has turned famous also because of the Amul Dairy here. This excellent institution of co-operative activity has earned great reputation by its experiments and achievements. It is a pride of not only of the Kheda district or Gujarat, but of India as a whole. It is the biggest dairy in entire Asia. It is owned by thousands of hard working farmers, who have one or two buffaloes or cows with them at home. The dairy is managed by democratic method of electing their representatives for the executive council. The Amul plan has created a vast eco.nomic revolution in milk production that has affected not only Gujarat but also within and without India. Based on the framework of Amul every district of Gujarat has set up co-operative dairies, and its example is also followed in some other states too, where the personnel trained at Amul guide their working

Anand has good trade, industries and colleges, but the most notable is its Charotar Education Society ..Its activities have become central to awareness and training among the people. The nearby Agricultural college, Krishi-Go Vidyabhavan and engineering colleges besides the vast Vallabh Vidyanagar under its aegis has turned into a University with a large number of institutions under its wings. Beside the first engineering college' of Gujarat, this educational complex has many diciplines taught here, such as Management and Architecture. Next to it is the Vitthal Udyognagar for industrial development. It has industries like Elicon and Vallabh Glass Works. Nearby is Karamsad, the birthplace of Valaabhbhai, where a huge hospital and medical college is set up. This is the result of the dedicated efforts of 5hri H.M. Patel, who was also a Finance Minister in the Indian Government for some time.


About 4 km away from Anand is a new city that has developed and is known as Vallabh Vidyanagar. With the blessings and active cooperation of Sardar Vallabhbhai Pate Inew horizons opened in this place. A son of this soil, Bhailalbhai Patel was an engineer by training, but had an expansive field of work in this city.

He persuaded the landowners to spare some of their land to erect a huge educational complex' and received it without spending much. The first-ever engineering college in Gujarat was set up here. Then came the School of Architecture, followed by many more institutions. It turned into the latest education center of the country.

Besides finances, there were many other hurdles in setting up of this complex. Today we are surprised to know that the beginning of the complex was not made in any big office or with a large number of employees. Bhailalbhai used to work under a banyan tree of the area and used only a portable 'charpai' as his seat!


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