Plane :
  Rajkot - 65 KM

Railway :
  Morbi - 2 KM

Way :
  Ahmedabad - 241 KM
Morbi Morbi
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A small yet beautiful town is Morbi. It has two lovely bridges on the River Machchhu. It has beautiful sculptures at the two ends and the other is a hanging bridge, reminding us of the Lakshman Jhula at Rishikesh. The Mani Mandir of Morbi is an excellent example of Art. The Darwaza or Gates and the market of Green Bazar tell us about the commercial activities of the city. The main industry here is of making wall clocks . It is like a cottage industry in this city; every home produces them. The other is of pottery. The famous Parshuram Potteries produce a large variety of china crockery. A number of factories are also producing ceramic tiles of high quality. A few years ago Morbi suffered from a great flood, but within a short time the city got its act together.

The nearby village of Tankara is indeed very small but how can we forget that Swami Dayanand the founder of Arya Samaj was born here? Another important place nearby is Vankaner. On the edge of the river is a very pleasant palace of the ruler and the sight from the train also is very appealing. This palace has a swimming pool and excellent wooden carved furniture. Its Museum has a chariot made from weapons and silver besides other items of interest. As the memorial to the ruler's hobby of vintage cars, it has a number of them on display. In Vankaner also the pottery industry has developed well. The Parshuram Potteries has another plant in a nearby place called Than too.

MANIMANDIR : The Manimandir of Morbi reflects the wonderful mental capacity of Shah Jahan as he built his Taj Mahal. This manimandir was also built with such sharp and unusual emotions at work. the history says. It is a symbol of Love in the history of Saurashtra. The King of Morbi, Vaghji Thakor had built this manimandir in the memory of his beloved first wife Manibai, and is no less than a royal palace in its beauty of design and sculptures.


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