Plane :
  Rajkot - 42 KM

Railway :
  Rajkot - 41 KM

Way :
  Ahmedabad - 248 KM
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We come to Gondal on the way to Virpur. Gondal is famous for the Swaminarayan temple. In the city are also one Bhuvaneshwari Shaktipith, a Library and Ayurvedic pharmacy and college that it runs under its management. The most notable personality of Gondal is Darbar Bhagvatsinhji, an incarnation of simplicity and service besides a great patron of scholars. Although a king of a rich state, he lived very simply. He was highly interested in the development of Gujarati language and he has left a great legacy in 'Bhagvad Gomandal', a great and absolutely authentic Thesaurus - Dictionary of Gujarati language that has been a boon for all scholars of generations to come. It contains as many as 300000 words of this language .


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