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Now let us move on to the city around which life of Saurashtra is centered, viz. Rajkot. This is our last stop of the important cities of Saurashtra tour. This used to be a central city of political life of nati ve states earlier as well. It could well be named as the capital of modern Saurashtra too. An independent state, somewhat larger in area than any other in this region, its imp0l1ance grew dramatically when it became the town selected to home the British Agency for States of Kathiawad. A school named as Rajkumar college was set up here to train the future generations of the native rules of Kathiawad, and it is still an important school here. In this college we can see the distinguished teachers such as Kavi Nahnalal and Prabhashankar Pattani, and such distinguished students that studied here such as the ruler- poet of lathi, Kavi Kalapi and Jam Ranjit Saheb and many others. The important land mark here is the house or 'Dehlo' of Kaba Gandhi i.e. the father of Gandhiji, who was a 'Karbhari' or chief minister in this state. It has now been turned into a national memorial.A suburb of Rajkot city has been named after Bhaktiba, a popular social worker and is called Bhaktinagar. The city regards its personalities of the past with reverence and therefore keeps their memory intact by erecting a number of statues all over the city including Swami Vivekanand. The Ramkrishna Math of Rajkot is a beautiful building and a center of city's religious activities that needs to be visited before we move towards North after taking a quick look at two very interesting places to the south of Rajkot.


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