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Abdul Khabir
Slave of the one who is aware
Abdul Maalik
Slave of the Master, the Lord
Abdul Majeed
Abdul Mani
Slave of one who prevents
Abdul Mannan
Slave of the Benefactor
Abdul Mateen
Slave of the Firm
Abdul Mubdee
Slave of the Originator
Abdul Mueed
Slave of the Restorer
Abdul Muhaymin
Slave of the Protector
Abdul Muhsin
Slave of the Benefactor
Abdul Muhyee
Slave of who gives life & sustains it
Abdul Munim
Slave of the Generous
Abdul Muntaqim
Slave of him who punishes wrong doings
Abdul Muqeet
Slave of the Sustainer
Abdul Muqsit
Slave of the Just
Abdul Musawwir
Slave of the Fashioner
Abdul Muti
Slave of the Giver
Abdul Muzanni
He was a narrator of Hadith
Abdul Nafi
Slave of the Propitious
Abdul Naseer
Slave of the Helper
Abdul Qadeer
Slave of the Powerful
Abdul Qadir
Slave of the Powerful
Abdul Qayoom
Abdul Qayyum
Slave of the Self-Subsistent
Abdul Quddoos
Abdul Rabb
Slave of the Lord
Abdul Rafi
Slave of the Exalter
Abdul Raqib
Slave of the Vigilant
Abdul Tawwab
Slave of acceptor of repentance
Abdul Waahid
Abdul Waali
Slave of the Governor
Abdul Wajid
Slave of the Finder, the Perceiver
Abdul Wakil
Slave of the Trustee
Abdul Waliy
Slave of the Protecting Friend
Abdul Wasi
Servant of the Most Great
Servant of the All-Knowing
Servant of the Mighty
Servant of the everlasting
Servant of the Evolver
Servant of the Expander
Servant of the source of Goodness
Servant of the Manifest
Servant of the forgiver
Servant of the All-Forgiving
Servant of the Self-Sufficient
Servant of the Protector
Servant of the Guide
Servant of the Preserver
Servant of the Wise
Servant of the Forbearing One
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