Palitana - Vijayvilas Palace

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  Ahmedabad - 215 KM
Palitana - Vijayvilas Palace Palitana - Vijayvilas Palace
Palitana - Vijayvilas Palace
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If you wish to visit Vijayvilas palace at Palitana you may have two purposes fulfilled. You may have pleasure of enjoying a princely stay at the Vijayvilas palace and you may have a pilgrimage of the world famous Palitana temple complex.

As you go to the pilgrimage of the lain temples of Palitana an if you stay in this palace for the night, you are investing your time very well, for you would have a great experience here. Vijaysinhji Gohil built this palace in 1906 when it was a principality. The place was already very famous for the series of grand lain temples that dot the peaks of the Shatrunjay mountain range here.

This palace today has 6 large rooms decorated in antique style, though some European influence also is easily seen. Situated as it is very near the temples, this palace allows the visitor for a pilgrimage as well as other pleasures of travel too. The Dining Hall serves to the Jains and also other visitors all kinds of items they order, and this is its specialty. The tourist can visit Bhavnagar city, Shihor, the ship-breaking yard of Alang and the Velavadr National Park of Kaliyar Deer


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