Plane :
  Bhavnagar - 61 KM

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  Bhavnagar - 64 KM

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  Ahmedabad - 209 KM
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We move on to the nearby temple of Gopnath. Talaja was the birthplace of Narsimh Mehta. It also has very ancient Buddhist caves. Then we go to the seacoast nearby at Gopnath. The sea presents an attractive scenario and the renovated old Shiva temple Gopnath is now not only large but also has even a government guesthouse for visitors.

Legend says that sulking after his sister in law's remarks, Narsimh left home and spent the night here, and here Lord siva was pleased by his devotion nough to appear before hi. Then on Narsimhs request, Shiva took him to witness the 'Raslila' of Lord Krishna. Now Narsimh was almost born again and led a different life of devotion to Krishna that has become a legend in itself. This place of pilgrimage has a Shiva temple besides temples of shri Nrisimh Bhagvan, Shri Radha-Krishna and Shri Mahakali. A Gayatri temple is also present, along with the Swaminarayan Prathana Mandir and footprints of shriji Maharaj. The festivals of the followers of Lord Shiva, Vishnu as well as shakta sects are celebrated here. At 12 a.m. and 7 p.m. everyday people are invited to partake of the 'Harihar prasad'. In hte last three days of the month of Shravan a grand Fair is organized, and is known as Bhadarvi Amaas no Melo. (in northen india according their calender) Nearly 6 to 7 lakhs of devotees visit Gopnthji temple and the vedic mantras are chanted with great grace and grandeur during festivals, worship is offered and prasad distributed.


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