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  Jamnagar - 48 KM

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  Jamnagar - 48 KM

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  Ahmedabad - 313 KM
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AS we are talking of the ancient sites, and we are still in the Jamnagar District, then we cannot forget Ghumli. In the Barda hill area, near the village of Bhanavad, the ruins of a very ancient town and temple are found. A number of sites have been destroyed and they were resurrected some time later. But Ghumli, having been destroyed or abandoned once, has somehow never been inhabited again. Now, it has to be satisfied as just a site for the historians and archaeologists as a center of their research and studies.

Ordinarily, from the viewpoint of art and architecture the old Somnath temple is considered as the most ancient temple. However, Ghumli has a temple that rivals join to Somnath by nearly 500 years and from the viewpoint of art, it rivals in beauty with the Modhera Sun temple. Indeed the remains are in ruins. Spread over almost 1.5 km area the remnants of a large vmiety and styles reveal that it was built between 9th and 14th centuries. The high quality of artistic remnants makes us believe that once upon a time it must have been a very prosperous city.

NAVLAKA MANDIR : Due to the rich and exemplary architecture the Navlakha Mandir of Ghumli (District Jamnagar) distinguishes itself from the other temple structures of Saurashtra built during 11th or 12th centuries. It has the largest base Uagati) of the temples in Gujarat, measuring 45.72 x 30.48 m. Facing East, it had a beautiful entrance arch or Kirti Toran, that is now lost. The sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha), covered pradakshina path, large gathering hall and its three shringar chokis are eye catching. On the surrounding walking path we find three directions with balconies. The mandapa has eight-sided pillars for support. In the small niches we find sculptures. The entrances are two storied. At the back wall of the temple we find two huge elephants fighting with their trunks. In Bhadra gavaksha is the image of Brahma-Savitri, in the west is the Shiva-Parvati, to the north is LakshmiNarayan.


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