Places Of Vadodara


To the southeast of Vadodara, about 30 km away is the historical town of Dabhoi. And as we take its name, we cannot but recall the names closely associated with it: the mason Hira and the poet Dayaram. Dabhoi is also known for its fort made... more

Kayavrohan Of Bhagvan Lakulish

Near this place is 'Km'van' or Kayavrohan of Bhagvan Lakulish. It is a small village but has a grand temple of Lord Shiva. This was originally the main center of the Pashupat Sect in ancient times and had an old small temple. Its 'Shivling' got... more

Vadodara - A Gaekwad city

Among the more important cities of Gujarat, Vadodara was under the rule of Gaekwad dynasty until Independence, and so had a different character than the others. More notably, its ruler, Maharaja Sayajirao In had developed it into a center of beautiful buildings, fine arts, education... more

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