Places Of Sabarkantha

Idar - A Region Of Mammoth Black Rocks

To the north of Himmatnagar is Idar. The name of Idar as Idargadh is well known in Gujarat. Like Pavagadh in the East, Idargadh is a significant place in North. Surrounding it are the huge solid hard black rocks, and these, besides the fort, protect... more

Poshina - Darbargadh

In North Gujarat, incidently there is a gorgeons and pleasent triangle of Poshina, Danta and Balaram. These three places have unique impOliance of their own. Poshina Balaram and Danta were small but grand kingdoms. It is said that the descendents of Chanakya, who ruled Gujarat and... more

Shamlaji - Charutbhuj Vishnu

The three Vishnu temples of Gujarat, Dwarka, Dakor and Shamlaji are not only the most important places of pilgrimage, but are the best Vishnu temples too. All the three are very large and are exemplary in their special images of the God, besides the architectural... more

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