Places Of Kheda

Dakor of Ranchhodrai

About 40 km to the north of Nadiad is Dakor, originally called 'Dankpur'. As we approach it, from a long distance we can see the Flag flying on its tall and beautiful Shikhara inviting the pilgrims since ages. As a place of pilgrimage grows older, the... more

Dhuvaran and Other Religious centers of Kheda District

In 1958 near Khambhat at the Lunej village crude oil deposits were discovered and this brought it again into the pages of history. Further investigation proved that this region had more natural gas than oil. Now this gas is provided to the Solar Energy center... more


Anyone who would visit Dakor would also like to visit Galatesvar. About 16 km from Dakor, this Shiva temple of Solanki era is rich in a11and architecture and situated in a very breathtakingly beautiful natural setting. Although some parts of the Shikhara is damaged, most... more


This is also a historical place. The copperplates found from here inform us that it must have been a very prosperous city during 9th century. The Jain literature of Rajput era mentions it as 'Kat'pat Vanijya', meaning trade in cloth. At that time the city... more

Nadiad - Home of Gujarati Litterateurs

We spent a long time in taking interest in the leading city of Gujarat, i.e. Ahmedabad. As we move on towards south from here, the first step leads us to Kheda district. It is a land of fanners and peasants. A land that is full... more

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