Places Of Mehsana

Bahucharaji - Mother Goddess

Yet another Shakti tirth of Gujarat is the temple of Bahucharaji. People bring their children for the 'mundan' ceremony of their children. It is an ancient sacred site and features prominently among the' garb a - garbi' compositions in folk songs. Its older temple is... more

Modhera - A Unique Jewel of Solanki Era

Modhera is famous for its Sun temple. It has turned into a very important tourist center as well as research of Indian art, architecture, history and culture Gujarat enjoyed its Golden Age under the Solanki dynasty's rule. Apart from other branches of learning that reached high... more

Siddhapur - Rudra Mahal

As we move upwards from the banks of Saraswati at the historic Anhilwad Patan, we come to Siddhapur. Just as Gaya is called the best place to hold the Shradda Sanskar for one's father, Siddhpur has the honor for similar rite for one's mother. It... more

Tarangaji - Ancient Jain Tirth

To the north of Vadnagar is the famous place of pilgrimage (Tirth) for Jains, viz. Shri Tarangaji. It is a place of pride among the major Jain religious: sites, and also has a claim of being one of the best temples of Gujarat from the... more

The Haveli At Siddhapur

The Bohras are found in large numbers in Siddhapur. Although the Bohra community follows Islam, they differ to some extent from the rest of the Muslims. During the Solanki rule, the Shia preachers were able to convert Brahmins and Banias into Islam and these are... more

Vadnagar - The Home of the Nagar Community

Just as Visnagar is the original home of the Visnagar Nagar community, Vadnagar is the original home of the Vadnagar Nagar community. Vadnagar has a large Shiva temple, Hatkeshvar Mandir, whom this Nagar community offer worship as their Ishtadev. From here the members of this... more

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