Places Of Jamnagar

Dwarkadhish Temple at Dwarka

The most famous spot on the west coast of Gujarat is Dwarka, a city older than the Puranas aT even the Kavyas. This city is well known, because of the great Lord Krishna whose emple is situated here and He is called Dwarkadhish. According to... more


AS we are talking of the ancient sites, and we are still in the Jamnagar District, then we cannot forget Ghumli. In the Barda hill area, near the village of Bhanavad, the ruins of a very ancient town and temple are found. A number of... more


A special city is this Jamnagar. It is a center of interest in terms of history, modernity as well as education. After leaving Kutch, Jam Raval had set up Jamnagar in 1540. For the next 400 years it was the capital city for the newly... more

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